Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nautical? Hit or Miss?

Okay the nautical style is back.. I personally like it. I want to know what you think, hit or miss. Below I will list some cute clothes and accessories down below. Now I've been gone for away, and i apologize for this,but I'm back now.

Forever 21 -

Nautical Knit Dress
Really cute dress, you can pair it with cute shoes and some bracelets and YAY cute outfit!

Seaside Stripes Bikini Top
You can even look cute when you go swimming, or go out to get a tan.

Seaside Stripes Bikini Bottom
Bottoms for bikini top, but you don't have to match them together, you could wear a plain red one on bottom, or anything you really want.

Striped Nautical Snoopy Top
Okay this one I just had to throw in there, come on it's Snoopy, who wouldn't love it?

Sequin Anchor Racerback Top
Brittani Louise Taylor had this one in one of her videos. I think it was her Strip tease one? Look her up on YouTube... she's really awesome.

check out more here:

Wetseal -

Buckle Jute Wedge
Buckle Jute Wedge$26.80

Very cute, pair with skinny jeans or shorts, and you've got really cute outfit.

Sailor Raw Cuff Short
Sailor Raw Cuff Short$19.50
You can use these shorts to go with those ^ shoes.

Stripe Pocket Tunic
Stripe Pocket TunicRegularly $19.50
Now $13.99

very cute

Striped Tank Belted Dress
Striped Tank Belted Dress$24.80

This is my favorite!!
Candy Stripe Bra
Candy Stripe Bra$9.50
You can look cute even underneath your clothes!!! Ha.

Hot Topic -

Red Anchor Necklace

This is just a cute accent.

$22.50 to $28.50
This is for those days when you don't feel like wearing something fancy, but you can still look cute and feel comfortable.
Bling Anchor Earrings
I love these!

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  1. I have always lovedd Nautical themed clothes Like at least a third of my wardrobe could go into this category!