Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bath and Body Works Haul

Hey guys, so I've been gone for so long. I went on vacation to the beach and other stuff, but that's still no excuse.
So bath and body works had there hello yellow sale like a week or two ago and i was wondering what you guys got, and i also decided to show you what  got.

1. Organge Sapphire Body Spray - Original: $12 Sale: $3

2. Coconut Mango Body Spray - Original $12 Sale: $6

3. Coconut Mango Lip gloss - Original: $7 Sale: $3

4. True Blue Spa Glow and Steady gradual self tanner -  Original: $15 Sale: $3

5. Bali Mango Lotion -  Original: $10.50 Sale: around $5

6. I also decided I would just throw in this shirt i got: Wet-Seal - $12.00 on sale :)

I bought a lot more stuff than this from other places, and i thought I would throw them in there, but i didn't really remember all the stuff I have bought.
I was hoping to get a lot more but i didn't. So what did you guys get, oh and sorry i didn't post this sooner when the sale was still going on. I have also been put up for some awards, so within the next coupe of days, i'll post those. Leave your blog, and any comments down below. Bye.


  1. I didn't get anything for this sale, but I love what you got! I love the smell of the coconut mango! (: And that's a really cute shirt! I like posts like this!

  2. thank you, i really love the coconut mango too. The hello yellow isn't still going on, but they do have like the coconut mango stuff on 50% off at my store, maybe they have it other places too.

  3. Wow that's a fantastic haul!

    I wish they had Bath And Body Works here too. :|

    The Cat Hag

  4. I tagged you by the way so go check this out! (:

  5. i nominated you for a blog award!
    check it out:


  6. Omg goodness love the stuff you got makes me a little jealous that when I was at the sale I didn't get more! But small world we both got the Bali Mango and I love it so far hope you do too!


  7. im a new follower, your blog is awesome..

    im so upset that australia has no bath and body works, we miss out on so much down here !!

    please check out my giveaway, its huge !

  8. Such a cute top!