Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mothers Day

Mothers day is on May 8th, that's in like 7 days.  Did you get a present yet? If not then here are some great gifts, ranging in personality and price. Even if you don't have a mother, you could get them for a friend, or even yourself.. I'm gonna start with one of my favorites, which is frangrancy stuff.
The first one I have is a Pacifica gift sets, I have one in Hawaiian Ruby Guava and I Love it! I think it would be perfect to give to anyone, except the one i have, is now unavailable, but they have different kinds. I got mine at Sephora, and i dun really know if you can still get them in the store, but I know you can get on  or

here is one, it comes with many different scents, so if your mother doesn't like one, she may like a different one.
I Love Fragrance — Five Solid Perfumes Set ($45 Value)
You get 5 solid perfumes for only... $25. I think that is an amazing deal. They are all natural, and smell really good. I think any women would love them. 

She doesn't like perfume? Well get her a soy candle. Only 17.60. They smell amazing. Find out witch one suits her best.

Patchouli Soy Candle

or you could get her a candle from Yankee Candles, Bath & Body Works, or even Wal-Mart.

Yankee Candles $26.99

Bath and Body Works $19.50
Caribbean Escape® 14.5 oz. Filled Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works

Wal-Mart $14.00
Mainstays 4-Piece 11.5-oz. Jar Candle Juicy Apple, Red

Candles not her thing? Well Get some great bath products from Bath & Body Works or even Victorias Secret.

Bath & Body Works has a whole page dedicated to mothers day gifts.

ranging in price from 10 and under to 40 and over.

Sweet Pea® Mini Signature Ritual Gift Box - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works$10 -
Sweet Pea® Extra Large Signature Basket - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works$60

Victorias Secret

you can get a gift card so they can pick out some things or

gift card

you can get some things yourself like - 



Want some other ideas, well here:

get some good old fashion flowers, press the microphone and type in love to get a deal.
Two Dozen Long Stemmed Rainbow Roses$31.96

how about some pampering things?

well Lush has a lot, they also have a page dedicated to mothers day.

MUM Vanilla Fountain bath bomb$5.95

or Philosophy has some

tantalizing tangerine

How about Jewelry?

Well these birth month necklaces are adorable!


Or how about a bag of personalized M&M's?

starting at $9.99

Do you want something DIY?

Well how about a card?

Maybe Cupcakes?

or a good old fashioned breakfast in bed.

You could even just give a big hug and a smile, this day is all about giving thanks for having a mother, and everything she has done for you, if you don't have a mother you could always do this for a grandma or friend, so just have fun and say thanks.

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