Friday, June 17, 2011

NYC lipsticks?

So I've been trying to find some cheap lipsticks. Of course these came up. Their are 2 types that I got, The $1.99 ones, and the $0.99 ones. I got to of the $0.99, I got four of the $1.99 ones. I actually lost one(in fragile pink) and I gave one(in smooch) to my sister, because the color wasn't good with my skin tone. Now to start out these lipsticks are very shimmery, but they're a couple of matte ones. They brake easily, and smell weird, but to fix those two problems you could actually melt the lipsticks into pot form(they're are plenty of videos on youtube) and as for the smell just take a good smelling and tasting lip balm, I recommend all of the eos lip balms. (especially Lemon Drop beacause it has spf in it)

They last about an hour(not that long), but since they are so cheap you can apply more without feeling guilty of wasting product.

List of Colors (that I bought)
Fragile Pink(lost)
NYC Ultra Last Lipwear Fragile Pink (2-Pack)
(it was a bright light pink, lots of shimmer)
Smooch(gave to sister)
NYC Ultra Last Lipstick Smooch
(picture is wrong, it is a very shimmery bright pink.)
Red Flame

(red with gold glitters, it is very shimmery)
Lilac Dream
NYC Ultra Last Lipstick Lilac Dream
(its a matte dark purplish pink color)


Couldn't find image of lipstick, but it is a shimmery brown nude color.


This color is a little darker than this, but it is really sheer and shimmery pink color.

I didn't take pictures for this post because I didn't want them to come out blurry like last time, next time I am going to be using a different camera, so they won't be blurry. If you have any question, suggestion, or blog leave them in the comments below.


  1. thanks for the follow :-) and I just bought an NYC lipstick & was really happy with it considering the price! <3