Monday, March 28, 2011

Elf Haul

Today I am going to do an Elf Haul. I will be doing some swatches and reviews later on. I ordered from online, shipping took about 1 week.Like I said before I had never tried elf before, but I've seen a lot of people who had, so I decided to get some, and here's what I decided to get.

These nail polishes I was so excited about, they are cute and springy. I know that some of their nail polishes take like a million coats, but it was only $5 for all of these, and the box it came in is super cute.
Names of Colors (left -right) 1. Blue Mist
2. Lilac
3. Mango Madness
4. Fuchsia
5. Purple Pleaser
These glosses I was also excited for, I mean 5 lip glosses for $5! So they are super cute colors, but they are shimmer glosses so they don't put straight color on your lips, just like a tinted shimmer.
Names of Colors (left-right) - 1. Victoria
2. Miami
3. Pink
4. Houston
5.New York City
The next thing I got was the one I really wanted, a lot of people have it and like it. They say it reminds them of Nars: Orgasm and Lagoona bronzer, but I don't have those. I know that I love these colors though. $3 elf studio line
Next I wanted to try their eyeliner marker. I got it in black, and so far I think it is alright. I lined my lid with it and it was pretty good. $1 elf essentials
This i totally forgot it was in my cart. (I ordered online) So when I got it I was happy I did. It is a Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry. It is a really pretty color. $1 elf essentials
I just wanted to try this to see how it worked, so when I make up my mind about it i'll make a review, it was only $3 in the elf studio line. In Buff.

I wanted to try at least 1 of their concealers so I got the Elf Studio Concealer, haven't really tried it out but i really matches my color. $3 elf studio line - In Beige
This I just wanted to try, I have never tried a cream or gel liner and this was only $3, It looks small in the package, but  when you take it out it looks bigger. I got it in black from the Studio line.

I wanted to try their eyelash curlers, I heard somebody say they were good so yeah, I got the ones from their studio line for $3. They second picture is it's size compared to my finger.

This was a free gift if you refer 3 friends at the end, and it is kinda small, but really pretty colors. You can also buy it for $1. I think it's in Butternut.

Total - $20, total plus shipping - $26, I had a coupon code and it took of $7, so that's why it was only $26.
If you have any questions, please ask. Bye.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elf Cosmetics?

First, I wanted to say sorry for being gone so long, I just didn't get around to finishing any posts(and I haven't yet.. ha). Okay now with elf.I never tried them before, I really don't know what to expect.I placed an order for them(I think Saturday?) But it says it is expected to be here tomorrow, also on the tracking system it said that it is already in my city. I ordered a couple of things, so I wanted to know what you guys think about them. Is it good is it bad? Also I might do a haul, and a definitely will do reviews(good and bad) So tell me what you think, and I will respond. Bye.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quick Fashion Tip - Belts

Belts. That word says it all, belts can make all the difference, now down below are some examples of skirts with a belt, you might not like some of them, but you know, it's your opinion. It's the same belt throughout all the skirts. Now I decided to do skirts because it's spring and in spring, well you wear skirts.(all skirts are from wetseal, my favorite place to get them)

Before -After -

Before -After -Before - After -

Before -
After -

Friday, March 18, 2011

Affordable - Spring Scents

Bath and Body Works -

P.s. I love you - $5 for mini

Handibac Hand Lotion -Fresh Lemon $4Handibac Hand Lotion - Fresh Market Apple $4
Sweet Pea Eau De Toilette - 1oz. $12

Victoria's Secret -

Pink - Pretty and Pure $15

Secret Garden - Vanilla Lace(no longer available, but any vanilla will do) $9
Drugstore - Caress body wash $4
Pacifica(can get at Sephora) - Hawaiian Ruby Guava Body Butter and solid Perfume $16 for gift set, but I don't know for sure if they still sell the set but the scent is still available.
If you want descriptions, well just ask and I will try to do my best.

Nails! And hi.

Hey people. It's Lianna. Older sister of Autumn. The nail person. Yep, pretty much introduces me, haha. Well, in case that wasn't enough info for you, here's some more:

My name is Lianna, and I am a makeup/nail polish addict. There, I admitted it. Haha, ok, now seriously. I love makeup, and I love nails, and all things beauty. That covers that. Yesterday, I showed my lil sis my nails, and she says, "Hey you can be the nail person!" I say, "On what?" "My blog!" "Oki dokies, then." And that's the long and short of it. So on here I will cover cool polishes, tips for painting you nails, designs, popular stuff, etc. Just remember, I am NOT a superb nail artist like those people who do your nails at the nail shop. Compared to them, I suck. But compared to a lot of the population, I am pretty good. Here's my nails at the moment:

Yea, I have a thumb too. It just didn't get in either of these shots. That's just my left hand. I would of had both, only, the highlight finger on my other hand sort of screwed up. Yea. I'll fix it later, though. Well, that's my introductory. Hope you guys like my nails, ideas, and other stuff.
Lianna TTYL

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Announcement - New Nail Idea Person!

My sister, Lianna, is going to be the new nail artist for this blog. She will be posting soon with some cute nail ideas. So look out for those!

Tutorial - Simple Purple Eyes

Today I am doing a dramatic purple eye, I know it's hard to know exactly what I'm doing because it's not a video, but in the future if you like these I might do a video. So Comment and ask.

Step 1 - if you use primer use it now, just slide it gently against your eyelid. You could also use foundation or concealer.

Step 2 - put the 2nd color of the 1st palette all of your lid to give glow. Products are listed at end.

3rd step - take the 1st color of the 2nd palette on outer corner and blend into other color, then put it directly on out corner and pat down.


4th step - Take the 1st color of the 2nd palette and put over the the color you just used.


5th step - blend the black on the 2nd palette into the outer corner.

6th step - put white of the 2nd palette in inner corner, inner lid, and as highlight.

7th step - line bottom water line, and tight line, also if you want do the lid too.


1st palette - Revlon Creme Shadows - Va Va Va Bloom
2nd Palette - Maybelline Stylish Smokes in amethysts smokes
Clinique Palette(don't know name) - used for eyebrows
Maybelline Falsies Mascara - In black drama
Bare minerals brushes - Unknown names
Hot Topic Eyeliner - in black

Any questions comment below.