Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick haul - dollar store, etc.

I went to the dollar store and i found some really cute things. This dollar store wasn't really a dollar store it just had discounted items even though it's called a dollar store. So I got a couple of nails things. The first thing i got was another L.A. Colors Nailpolish in Nectar, this is the second one I've ever gotten, the first one was copper. They are pretty good for being really cheap. I got the nectar one for only a dollar, it is really cute and I really recommend it.

Nectar(sorry pictures are blurry)

 This is copper (again sorry for blurriness)

Next I got fake nails, now I am more of a nail polish girl, but I wanted to try these because they were only $2, i don't remember brand because I lost the label, but if you go to the dollar store you'll find some cheap nails. These did not come with glue, so i picked up a pack that came with 2 for only $1.75. They are KISS brand, and they are pretty good, but dry in like 5 seconds, so you have to go fast.

 Nail Glue
Nails- they came with alot extra just in case 1 didn't fit your nail. So basically they came with several sizes.

Sorry pictures are blurry again, but is just a french tip with random black lines, but it's not zebra print.

The next 2 things are more nail polishes, the first thing was $1 and it is the L.A. Colors Art Deco polish(which is for like making designs), and I've been wanting one of these for a while so I just got it in black. The next thing I didn't buy, my aunt gave it to me, she thought it was a regular purple polish, but it is the China Glaze Crackle polish in Fault line, so she gave it to me, and I was so excited to receive this.

 China Glaze crackle Polish in Fault Line

L.A, Colors Art Deco Polish in Black

Now on to makeup, I only got 1 makeup item. It is the L.A. Colors Baked Eyeshadows in BBE471 Praline, but on the website they call it galaxy, and has a completely different number, but the exact colors. weird right. The colors are amazing, and it was only a little over $2.

 The next 2 items I got are scented items. I got them both from Bath and Body Works, I only buy mini items(i don't know why)The first thing I got was a body splash in Cherry Blossom, I got this a while ago, but I wasn't sure if I put it in a post. At first it smelled like soap, but when i smelt it more, the better it smelled. It was $5 because it's the mini one, then I got another Sweet Pea Body lotion because I ran out of my old one. And this was also $5 because I got the mini one.

 My old sad Sweet Pea Lotion.
 My new one! Sweet pea is like my favorite scent ever. (sorry it's blurry again, when I took these pics i don't know what I was thinking)
Oh and this is the Cherry Blossom Body Spray.

The next 2 things were from Hot Topic. I just got some GIR flip flops, and some candy,(but it's cute candy)

 BLURRY AHHHH!! And these were normally $10.
 This is the design.

Some cute cookie candy things. Hello Panda, and these are normally $3.

Oh and also from the dollar store I got these socks for a dollar, and they are so cute I had to get them.

Sorry i've been gone for a while, last week was my last week of school. If you have a question leave them in a comment, and bye!!


  1. great haul! Keep up the good work!!!!:)

  2. Thank you! I'll do my best, haha. : )

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  4. Nice haul!

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