Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The items that are listed down below were from about 2 weeks, i haven't done that much shopping, but I am about to do a bigger shopping trip for summer items, like more bathing suits, and sandals. So here are the items that I got.

The first place I went was Wal-Mart, when I went there I didn't really think I would get much, but I did see some cute things. The only beauty item I got was the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation.

I haven't really tried it out , but I've heard great things. I think it was $10.
While there, I was just walking around and I saw some clothes on super cheap sale, I normally don't buy clothes from there, but I decided to just get some bottoms, so I got some black jeggings, and grey plaid shorts.

 I believe theses shorts were from the Miley Cyrus collection, but they were only $12 so I had to get them.

These jeggings were originally $12, but they were on sale for $5

I also saw some really cute wooden pictures, there were two in a set for $10.

I plan on getting some for the other side of my window, they had several types.

While I was in the check-out line I decided to pick up a copy of Seventeen Magazine, I think it may still be the newest one, It's the one with Emma Roberts in it.

                                                                  and of course it was $3.

The next place I went was Forever 21. I just got a white T-shirt(I don't have picture), a belt, a dress, and some shorts.

                                                               The dress was $22.

The belt was only $5.

The shorts were also $5, but some of the rhinestones already fell off.
The white T-shirt I believe was $3.

The last thing I got was from one of my mom's friend, she was selling some purses and I thought this one was cute. It is Vera Bradley, it has cute elephants on it, (I don't really know what i'm gonna wear it with), and I got it for $20.


  1. cute shorts and really like that belt!!

  2. I have a shirt that looks just like that flower tank.