Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick Posts - Lip Gloss

Hey guys, believe it or not I never tried the beauty rush lip glosses, until like 2 weeks ago, I know a lot of people love them, including me now. I got the colors: well the first one I don't remember the name and the label on back is worn off, (because i shove them in my pocket and bag and stuff oh and my sister gave me this one), but it had the word fruit in it, and the one on the bottom is red delicious(bought myself), I also wanted to get slice of heaven, but didn't get it yet. $7 each.

Swatches: Red delicious on left and the other (forgot the name) on right.
So leave a comment telling me what you think about them or if you have any questions. Bye.

btw - I totally forgot to take pictures with them on lips, if you want me to just leave a comment.

You can get them here or at Victoria's Secret store.


  1. Name of the other one = fruit punch.

  2. They look really nice. I like the 2nd one! Hope you can follow me back too!