Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get ready for the beach!! - Makeup

1. A lip stain, if you want a flush of color on your lips, but don't want to keep reapplying, than get one of these. These ones are from Covergirl.
2. Get a powder sunblock to be able to put over your makeup, and get extra sun protection. This one is from Bare Minerals.
3. Bronzer - if you just want to look really glowy, than apply a nice bronzer, this may fade in the water, but if your just relaxing in the sand, than you're good.
4.Sunblock - You really need sunblock for your face,(and body), this one is from Estee Lauder
5. Lip balm is very important. These are from EOS, you probably heard or have them. I have the summer fruit one, and the lemon drop one, they tastes amazing and will make your lips really moisturized.
6. If you want a glossy look, lip gloss is not the answer, just get Korres lip butter, it will moisturize your lips, while leaving a glossy look.
7. Waterproof mascara is wonderful. It keeps your lashes looking great, and keeps the smudged blackness of your face. This one is the one by one waterproof mascara.
8. Tinted moisturizer is a lot better to choose than foundation. It will moisturize your skin while covering imperfections.

If you have any other tips or items you think I should add, than comment down below, bye.


  1. That powder sun block looks awesome

  2. this is a very thoughtful post..my checklist for the beach!!:)

  3. i love the blog!!!

    question: have you ever been in england????
    if yes did you try English beauty products????
    would you like to???

  4. Nice post!

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  5. Great ideas! Can't add anything to the list =)!

  6. Great tips! I've never tried powder sunblock before

  7. Great picks! Love your blog! I tried that powder sunblock at Sephora, looks really nice.

    I'm now following you, please follow me back:)

  8. Thanks guys! I'm glad you like this! :)
    @The gummy bear familly!!!- No, I've never been to England, or really tried any of those products, but I would love to do so one day! Sadly, I've never left the US. :( Maybe one day, haha! :P