Saturday, May 7, 2011

Haul, etc.

So today we went to target, and of course since theres at least 6 isles full of just makeup, I had to buy some. I only got a few things for me and a couple of things for my mom for mothers day. Now the first two thing I got for me was inspired by Bethany(macbarbie07). After watching her Selena Gomez Who says Tutorial, I had to buy those curlers.

They are Remington T-Studio heated curlers, and they are $35, but on sale for $30.

Now also inspired by Bethany, was the foundation she used to always talk about, I saw it and decided to get it.

It is the Covergirtl natureluxe foundation, and it has SPF 10 in it. I think it was about $11.

The last things I got for myself were from elf, of course are target has a whole row devoted to them, I had to get something. I just got 2 brushes,(one from studio line $3, and one from regular $1), and a small eyeshadow for only $1.

 Brightening eye color in Drama.
 Defining eye brush from regular line.
Powder brush from studio line.

Now for my mother, I had procrastinated in getting a mothers day gift, something to show her I care, if you can't buy your mother anything, or anybody else, then you can just give her a homemade card or breakfast or anything really. So she picked out some things, and she supposed to act surprised tomorrow :)

The first couple of things she picked out were from physicians formula.

 The mineral wear flawless complexion kit for $20, it comes with a blush, matte finishing veil, and a face powder.
And Blair(juicystar07) talked about these, so I pointed them out and she liked it. It is custom eye enhancer, gel liners for brown eyes. I think it was $10.

Next we looked at Maybelline, we ended up getting two eyestudio single eyeshadow. I don't remember the price though.

The one on the left is carbon frost, and on the left is khaki craze.

The last thing was from Rimmel London. It was the Lash Accelerator in black.

Then we decided to get a bite at the little target restaurant thing, (the eating place in the store) I just got a drink and a pretzel. Then we went to see Thor, it was amazing!! I like movies like that, but the 3d wasn't that good. Here's a little tip, if you go, stay until the end of the credits to see a little 45 second hidden scene. I had a wonderful day with my family, and I know I just posted a haul, but I wanted to share these items with you, so more blogs soon. Please leave any question or comments down below. Bye.


  1. I watched the same video and I can't want to get my hands on those curlers! Also, I just bought that elf powder brush about 2 weeks ago, and it's the BEST foundation brush I've ever had! ;) Great post!

  2. i tried out the brush today and I loved it, also I can't wait to try the curlers, thanks for your wonderful comment

  3. Ooo, great haul lady! Can't wait to hear what you think of everything


  4. I have the mascara from physician's formula in black/purple. The purple is REALLY pretty :). And it shows... and I have black eyelashes. I almost wish only the colored parts were available.