Friday, March 18, 2011

Nails! And hi.

Hey people. It's Lianna. Older sister of Autumn. The nail person. Yep, pretty much introduces me, haha. Well, in case that wasn't enough info for you, here's some more:

My name is Lianna, and I am a makeup/nail polish addict. There, I admitted it. Haha, ok, now seriously. I love makeup, and I love nails, and all things beauty. That covers that. Yesterday, I showed my lil sis my nails, and she says, "Hey you can be the nail person!" I say, "On what?" "My blog!" "Oki dokies, then." And that's the long and short of it. So on here I will cover cool polishes, tips for painting you nails, designs, popular stuff, etc. Just remember, I am NOT a superb nail artist like those people who do your nails at the nail shop. Compared to them, I suck. But compared to a lot of the population, I am pretty good. Here's my nails at the moment:

Yea, I have a thumb too. It just didn't get in either of these shots. That's just my left hand. I would of had both, only, the highlight finger on my other hand sort of screwed up. Yea. I'll fix it later, though. Well, that's my introductory. Hope you guys like my nails, ideas, and other stuff.
Lianna TTYL


  1. That's a really nice nail design I especially love that pink colour (it's almost the same colour as my bedroom walls XD ). I can't wait to see some of your other designs.

  2. Thank you! I love this color, I tend to use it a lot. I think it looks really nice as a nail polish.

  3. your nails are soo cool! i'm unfortunately not allowed to wear nailpolish at work (i'm a nurse) but i love the thought of having gorgeous decorated nails. i have 4 days off soon, so i will definitely be trying out your design:)
    katelin xoxo

  4. Thank you! It's great you'll be trying it out. I love the thought of inspiring others to design their nails. Hope it all turns out well for you!