Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tutorial - Simple Purple Eyes

Today I am doing a dramatic purple eye, I know it's hard to know exactly what I'm doing because it's not a video, but in the future if you like these I might do a video. So Comment and ask.

Step 1 - if you use primer use it now, just slide it gently against your eyelid. You could also use foundation or concealer.

Step 2 - put the 2nd color of the 1st palette all of your lid to give glow. Products are listed at end.

3rd step - take the 1st color of the 2nd palette on outer corner and blend into other color, then put it directly on out corner and pat down.


4th step - Take the 1st color of the 2nd palette and put over the the color you just used.


5th step - blend the black on the 2nd palette into the outer corner.

6th step - put white of the 2nd palette in inner corner, inner lid, and as highlight.

7th step - line bottom water line, and tight line, also if you want do the lid too.


1st palette - Revlon Creme Shadows - Va Va Va Bloom
2nd Palette - Maybelline Stylish Smokes in amethysts smokes
Clinique Palette(don't know name) - used for eyebrows
Maybelline Falsies Mascara - In black drama
Bare minerals brushes - Unknown names
Hot Topic Eyeliner - in black

Any questions comment below.

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