Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Time for the shopping of Halloween costumes. I am going to start a series for the rest of October. I will post a new costume everyday with what makeup to wear, wigs, outfits, where to buy, and etc. information. Today i am going to do a costume you can get at http://wetseal.com/home.jsp .

today will be the all famous Little Red Riding Hood.

Main piece($35.00) -

Red Ridinghood Dress

Accessories -

Red Bow Knee High ($5.50)

Round Toe Pump ($24.50) on sale for ($14.99)

For hair if you have brown hair or black hair all the better, curl it and your done. If you have blonde or red hair you can curl it and go as it is or go to your local Halloween store and pick up a pre-curled brown or black haired wig.(normally around $10 - $20 for fake hair)

As for makeup, do a neutral look. Use these items from Maybelline, prices unknown. - http://www.maybelline.com/index.aspx

Nails -

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